torsdag 25 april 2019

The Absolutely True... The end...

The Absolutely True Diary 

1. Today you will work in pairs and your first task is to talk about the book.
- Which character do you like the most? Why?
- Is there a character that you dislike? Why?
- Choose one scene from the book that makes you upset and one scene that makes you happy. Motivate your opinion.

2. Answer the questions below and hand in your answers in Google Classroom:
Remember that you have to develop your answers and not just answer with one or two sentences.

1. When Junior started school, he was completely ignored by the other students.  Why do you think that was?  
2. Things change for Junior when he seeks out Gordy, the smartest person in the class.  Did he need to have the courage to do that? Why is reaching out to others difficult?  Have you ever reached out to make contact with someone like that?  Have you ever wanted to reach out, but were too embarrassed or frightened to do so?  What difference did it make?
3. When Junior played the basketball game against the reservation team so well that they won, why didn’t he feel pure joy?  Have you ever “won” something that actually made you feel bad, instead of good?  
4. Write a short summary (about 100 words) of the end. What happened? Do you like or dislike the end? Motivate your opinion.  

Next week we will have a book talk. 
In pairs, you will come to me and we are going to discuss the book. You will get cards with different questions which you are going to discuss. During the next lesson, I will show you examples of the questions and what we are going to do. 
(Book talk 8CD1 the 30th of April, Book talk 8E the 2nd of May)

/ Sara

måndag 22 april 2019

Ringsjöskolan's radio show

Ringsjöskolan's radio show - "Summer talk" 

The Swedish radio show "Sommar i P1" is very famous and has millions of listeners. We are going to create our own radio show and we will use the same concept as in the famous program. 

Before we start our work, you will listen to a talk given by Maher Zain, who is a global music superstar with over 26 million followers on Facebook. His music is a mix between modern music from the East and the West, often with a religious hint.
His show is about his journey to stardom and what he has decided to do with it. He hopes that his story will inspire many experiencing difficult and confusing times. ( 
In class, we will take a closer look at how he has constructed his speech. We will also learn about the Magic of 3: 

If you need inspiration (in Swedish) you can also listen to these well-known talks: 
Here you can find many more: Sommar i P1 2018.  
This is what you will do: 
1. Your episode of Ringsjöskolan's radio show will be about YOU.  Your audience would like to hear about your thoughts, opinions, dreams and experiences. Choose one question, a problem or something you have experienced and let your audience know why it is important, what you know about it, what you have experienced and if you have any solutions to the problem. You may also give your audience advice.

2. Think about your episode. What would you like to talk about? Remember that that whole class will listen to it.  Create a mind-map where you work with the structure of your speech. Less is more! Make sure you have an introduction, a middle, a conclusion and a finish that are linked together.

3. When you listen to "Sommar i P1" you realize that the speaker jumps straight into the story he/she is going to talk about and after about one or two minutes he/she says: My name is ... and I am going to talk about...

4. Write your manuscript. You need to use the I-form when you are writing. Make the manuscript easy to understand and try to sound as if you are talking to your best friend. Try to "paint" with your language - you would like the listener to get pictures of your speech in his/her head.
Your talk needs to be 5-10 minutes and of course in English!
It is ok to help each other. Ask a friend or perhaps grandmum! They might add a perspective to your talk that you haven't thought about.  Show me the manuscript when you are halfway and when you are finished. I will give you feedback! (Here you can find inspiration on how to write your manuscript: Skrivmall)

5. If you would like to use music in your talk you can't use Spotify. You are only allowed to use music that is free to use:
If you include music, remember that you need to say who the artist is and what the song is called.

5. Practise, practise and practise... in your manuscript, underline when you need to make a pause or when you need to emphasise something.

6. Record your episode on your Chromebook. Use Screencastify and desktop mode. You can record your voice and as a background, you can have a picture that relates to your talk.
Hand in the link in Google Classroom.

Deadline: Monday the 20th of May at 9 o'clock.

/ Sara

tisdag 26 mars 2019

Aktivera text till tal funktionen i Inspera

Snart är det dags för nationella prov i engelska. I år är det tillåtet att eleverna bearbetar sin skrivna text med hjälp av talsyntes. Eleven skriver sin text och kan sedan markera mening för mening och datorn läser upp texten. Eleven kan då lyssna och rätta sin text. Se till att eleven har hörlurar med sig.

Så här gör du och eleven för att aktivera funktionen i Inspera:

Att använda Text till tal funktionen i Inspera - så här gör du och eleven

  1. När du väljer prov i provbanken ska du välja den mall Inspera skapat som heter:
  2. Skapa NP Engelska år 3, 6 och 9.
  3. På förstasidan där du skriver i datum för provets start och slut - scrolla ner till
  4. ALTERNATIV. Om inga alternativ syns så klicka på VISA DETALJER i högerkanten.
  5. Gå  till Elevens extra resurser och verktyg.
Se till att rutan för Aktivera text till tal är ikryssad. Observera att stavningskontroll
inte är tillåten på NP i engelska.

4. Aktivera ditt prov och ge provkoden till eleven. Alla elever ska inte ha tillgång till Text till tal
funktionen så du behöver göra en separat grupp för de elever som behöver.

5. När eleven loggat in och öppnat provet behöver eleven klicka på de tre strecken uppe till
höger på skärmen:

Därefter klickar eleven på Text till tal och aktiverar detta:

För att eleven ska få sin text uppläst markerar eleven meningen. Då kommer det automatiskt
en “play-knapp” som eleven klickar på. Eleven lyssnar då på sin mening och kan korrigera den.

Sara Bruun 2019-03-26

söndag 24 mars 2019

Letter to the editor - feedback

Letter to the editor 

You have now finished writing your Letter to the editor. 
Today you are going to read a text that one of your friends has written and you are going to give feedback to help your friend improve his or her text.

1. In Google Classroom you will find out whose text you will read and work with. Then click on the attached link, which will lead you to a folder in Google drive. Find the name of your friend's text, open it and make your own copy.
2. Re-name the text like this:
Feedback from XXX to XXX
3. Read the text.
4. Give your friend comments in Google Docs. Select the word or phrase that you would like to comment. An icon with a plus sign will appear. Click on the icon to add your comment.

The checklist below will help you:


1. Do all sentences, people and places begin with a capital letter?
2. Do all sentences end with correct punctuation? (. , ? !)  Help: Punctuation 
3. Has the author written I with a capital I?
4. Are there varied sentence lengths?
5. Has the author remembered paragraph division?  Help: Paragraphs
5. Are there colourful and describing words?
6. Has the author followed the instructions on how to write a letter to the editor?
7. Is the text interesting and worth reading - if not - what can be improved?
7. Are the verb forms correctly written? Help: Verb
8. Did you check the text for spelling mistakes? Don't use Google Translate.

9. The last step is to go to Grammarly
- Sign in to Grammarly with your Google account.
- Click on NEW. Type the title of the text you are working with: Feedback to XX from XX
- Go to the text you are working with and copy it. Then go back to Grammarly and paste it.
- Grammarly will now help you check your text for spelling and grammar mistakes.
OBS! When you have pasted the text into Grammarly - show me before you move on. 

-Click on the underlined words to find out what is wrong. Check the grammar and spelling mistakes and go back and forth to the text you are working with. Continue giving your friend comments.
9. When you are finished:
Write a comment to your friend where you tell him or her two things that you really liked about the text and one thing that your friend needs to think about the next time he or she is writing a text.
Post this comment at the very top of the text, next to the friend's name so I easily can find it.
10. Tell your friend and me that you are finished.
11. When you get your text back:
 - Go through your text and fix it. Make sure you understand what is wrong and learn from your mistakes.
- Tell me when you are done.
- Dead-line 8 E Thursday (28/3) at 3 pm.
You will get both lessons this week to work with feedback.
(I will assess your texts on the train on my way back home from Gothenburg. Make sure you have handed in your text in Google Classroom. You will find your feedback from me in StudyBee.)
-Dead-line 8CD1 Friday (29/3) at 3 pm.
(You will find your feedback from me in StudyBee during week 14.) 

måndag 11 mars 2019

The Absolutely... Writing task

2. In pairs - read the guide below and take a look at the examples:
Letter to the Editor - guidelines

3. Writing task.
You will write in Inspera with no access to internet.
 - Imagine that you are Junior or Rowdy. You are very upset about your life on the rez. You write a Letter to the Editor, which will be published in the Toronto Star. You protest about the way you are being treated on the rez. Choose two things that you dislike and suggest improvement.
- Write in Times New Roman size 12. Maximum 400 words.

Why do you write this? Give a background.
Include arguments and counterarguments.
Summarise with a conclusion and give advice on how to
fix the problems you write about.


torsdag 7 mars 2019

After reading ch 8

Work individually and hand in your answers in Google Classroom.

1. Choose one or two characters to describe.
Ask yourself these questions:
Who is the character I’m describing? What do I think about his or her personality and why?
Describe what the person means to the novel and how he or she has been acting up until the point you’ve read. How do those actions make you feel? Try to describe them as carefully and detailed as possible and relate them to quotations/give examples from the novel.

2. Choose a quote from the book that you think is interesting, funny, irritating,... Copy it and explain why you chose it. What happened before this quote and what happened afterwards?

3.  What do you think about the author's descriptions of the environment? Are they too long, too few, beautiful, realistic, etc? The environment is not just the landscape. It's also feelings,... Give examples and use quotes from the book!

4. Pick a quote that you find interesting or that makes you think about something special.
-Write down the quote on a piece of paper.
- Work in pairs and help each other. One is filming with FlipGrid and one of you shows the quote.
Explain to your audience why you chose the quote and ask your audience a question about the quote.

"Reardan was the opposite of the rez. It was the opposite of my family. It was the opposite of me. I didn’t deserve to be there. I knew it; all of those kids knew it. Indians don’t deserve shit." 

Question: What do you think Junior means? I didn't deserve to be there.. Why not?

Here is a link to the FLipgrid:

5. Write an e-mail to your Spanish partner and tell him/her that there is a video in FlipGrid that you want him/her to watch and reply to.
/ Sara

torsdag 28 februari 2019



Idag ska ni fortsätta arbeta med era vägbeskrivningar.

1. Ni ska arbeta 3 och 3. Jag delar in er i grupper.
Ni ska skriva dialoger där ni har med hälsningsfras och avslutningsfras.
Person 1 frågar efter vägen och person 2 förklarar vägen. Person 3 ansvarar för att filma.
Därefter byter ni så att alla har deltagit och pratat i en film.

- Du ska ta dig från Hardy's till ICA
- Du ska ta dig från ICA till järnvägsstationen
- Du ska ta dig från järnvägsstationen till Åkersberg.

2. Skriv dialogerna i Google dokument. Visa mig när ni är halvvägs för feedback och sedan när ni är klara.
3. Träna på dialogen så att ni vet vad ni ska säga och hur orden uttalas.
4. Gå ut utomhus och låtsas att det är på riktigt. Du möter en person som frågar efter vägen. Du förklarar vägen och en tredje elev filmar.
Kom med filmen till mig så laddar jag upp den privat på min Youtubekanal.

Hals und Beinbruch!