torsdag 11 oktober 2018

Now is the time for running- after reading til p. 109

We have now finished reading til page 109. 


Work in pairs and tell each other: 

One of you will pretend that you are Deo and one of you will be Innocent. 
Create a mind-map to help you remember what happened. 

What has happened to you during the book?
Describe three different scenes of the book that you think have had a great impact on Deo or Innocent?
How does Deo/Innocent feel? 
Would you have reacted the same way as Deo/Innocent or would you have done anything differently? 

 Zimbabwe is the home country of Innocent and Deo. From what you’ve read in the novel, what are the rights of the average citizens there? 
What reason does Commander Jesus give for his assault (överfall) on Gutu? 
How do the villagers respond? 
What other options do you think they had? 
 What motivates a man like Commander Jesus? 
Where do you think his cruelty comes from? 
How does he attract followers?


Imagine that you are Deo/Innocent or Commander Jesus and that you are looking back at what happened to you 20 years ago. 
Choose one scene from the book.
Describe what happened: 
Where were you?
Who was with you?
When was it?
How did you feel then and how do you feel about it now? 
If you were able to go back in time - is there anything you would like to change? Why? Why not? 

You will write in a program called Inspera, which is the same program you will use when you are writing the national exam. 
You will write for 60 minutes, use size 12 and write a minimum of 200 words. 

Writing tips: 

"Dive" straight into  the text and take your reader to the scene that you have chosen. 

Commander Jesus was the most cruel and evil man I had ever met. 

I felt very worried. I couldn't find my Bix-Box. Where is my Bix-Box? 

/ Sara 


söndag 7 oktober 2018

The Perks week 41 Reading part 4-9

I will be at a conference in Gothenburg this week.

 8CD1 (academy)

Week 41
Finish writing the text you started writing last time.
Read part 4, 5 and 6.
Take short notes ( 4-5 sentences) after each chapter so you remember what happened.

If you listen - one part is about 20 minutes. Bring your own headphones, because you need to stay in the classroom so the substitute teacher knows where you are.


 Read part 7, 8 and 9.
Bring your own headphones.


When the lesson starts on Tuesday week 42 make sure you have finished reading part 4-9. We will start the lesson by discussing those chapters.

fredag 5 oktober 2018

The Perks of being.. writing (after part 3)

After reading part 3 

Imagine that you are Charlie, the girl or Dave and that you are 25 years old now. You think back about what happened. Write a blog post where you would like to draw attention to your blog.
- Use a headline that makes people want to read. 
- Describe: what happened, where were you, who were there, how did you feel then and how do you feel now? 
- Give advice: What would you like to tell young people to help them out of situations like the one you were in? 
What could you have done differently? 

What do you think society can do to help young people? 

Write in Google docs, size 12 and minimum 150-200 words. I don't want you to use the internet to look up words and grammar. Use your brain! 

Here you can find tips on how to write a viral blog post:

When you think your text is finished, go through this check-list and take a look at your text again: 

* Capital I ? 
* are the verb forms correct? Past tense? 
* is/are or was/were?
* has/have? 
* paragraphs?
* Does the reader get to know the answers to the questions you find in the instruction? 
* Does the headline draw your attention? Do you think you would have read your own text if you saw it published?

Good Luck!

söndag 30 september 2018

The Perks of being a Wallflower - after reading part 3


Charlie's parents went away from home and his brother decided to "use the opportunity to throw a big party with beer and everything". 

  1. What happened at the party?
  2. What did Charlie see?
  3. What would you have done if you were Charlie? 
  4. Charlie and Sam agreed that Dave raped his girlfriend at the party. She said no many times, but when is a ”no” really a NO?
We will watch the videos below together in class. After watching the films I want you to, individually, write two sentences in that came to your mind when watching.  

Dear Dad (English) - Short film from Jakob Strom on Vimeo.

Homework for next time: 

Make sure you have read chapter 4 and 5 before we start the lesson.

Challenge: Go to Flipgrid and upload a short video where you tell the Flipgrip community your thoughts about the film Dear Dad.  Remember that Flipgrid is public and that anyone that is a Flipgrid member is able to watch and comment.

/ Sara 

tisdag 25 september 2018

Now is the time for running - after reading chapter 1-2

Go to SeeSaw and talk about the questions below: 

Who is the main character in the book? 
Where and when does the book take place?
 Who is Commander Jesus? What kind of person do you think he is? 
Grandpa Longdrop confronts Commander Jesus and tries to talk to him. Do you think that was correct? 
If you were in Deo's situation what would you have done when you saw Innocent running against the soldiers? 
What do you think will happen to Innocent?

Speak English all the time and answer the questions - maximum 4 minutes! Don't overdo it! / Sara

söndag 16 september 2018

Now is the time for running - before reading

We will today start reading the book: Now is the time for running written by Michael Williams.


1. What do you think the book will be about? Why do you think there is a barbed wire on the cover of the book?

2. Before we start, we will take a closer look at the vocabulary of the first chapter.

3.  The book takes place in Africa, Zimbabwe.  We will take a closer look at the country via Google Earth

3.  We will read the first chapter together and I will help you. 

4. Homework for Thursday (20/9):

Be able to talk to your friends about the questions below:
Find out:

1. 3 things you didn't know about Zimbabwe
2. What is the difference between democracy and dictatorship?
3. Who is Robert Mugabe? What was his role in Zimbabwe?
4. Learn the words we talked about in the Quizlet above. (Spelling and meaning)

/ Sara


fredag 14 september 2018

The Perks of being a Wallfllower - after reading part 1

We have now read the first part of the book: The Perks of being a Wallflower.

After reading chapter 1

Pgs. 1-40

Work in pairs. Hand in your answers in Google Classroom. Write your names at the top of the page. It is enough for one student to hand in the answers but I want both of you to write.
Share a document.

Mandatory questions:
1, 2, 6, 8, 11, 13
Choose 3 extra questions to answer.

  1. Who is the author of The Perks of Being a Wallflower?
  2. Who do you think Charlie is writing to?  Are there certain age groups/people who listen better than others?
  3. What is the setting of the novel?
  4. What is Charlie’s brother’s name?
  5. What is Charlie’s sister’s name?
  6. Who is Charlie’s “favourite person in the whole world?” Tell me what you know about this person so far.
  7. How did Charlie react to Michael’s suicide?
  8. Describe Charlie’s family.  What is his relationship with the various people in his family?
  9. Who is Susan?  Describe her.
  10. Describe the incident with Sean.
  11. Describe the relationship between Charlie’s sister and her boyfriend.  Is this a healthy relationship?
  12. What happens to Charlie’s sister on the couch?

Homework for Tuesday:
Go to Seesaw and talk about the questions below:

In the book, there is an incident where Charlie's sister gets slapped in the face by her boyfriend. What do you think about this situation?
What would you have done if you were Charlie and saw this happen to your sister?
What do you think about the sister's reaction?
What do you think Charlie should do? Tell his parents, tell the boyfriend, keep quiet or what do you think? Motivate your opinions and try to use the linking words we talked about.

/ Sara