tisdag 14 januari 2014

Engelska 8C 15/1

Well, I discovered that we will not be able to use the computers today. We have to think of something else! Today are we going to discuss the two tasks you have worked with.

 I have also found famous quotes, which you can find here:

Nelson Mandela - Quotes

1. Work in your groups
2. Read the quotes and translate them
3. Pick three that are your favorites
4. What do they mean? Analyse! Why did you pick them? What does the quote mean to you and your life? Remember to speak English!
5. Show me and the class which quotes you have chosen and motivate why.

On Friday we can start writing. I want you to watch the film I made for you so you can start writing at once. Remember to write in Google drive/docs and always share your document with me: sarasv74@gmail.com


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