onsdag 26 februari 2014

Call of the wild

  • Today I want group 1,2 and 3 to discuss the 8 first questions. Use this PADLET to write down things to remember.
  • Group 4,5 and 6 discuss the next 8 questions. You use this PADLET to write down things to remember.
  • When you have finished discussing I want group 1 and 4, 2 and 5, 3 and 6 to get together and tell each other what you have said in the different groups.

  • Today's goal: 
  • - Understand what has happened during the last part of the book
  • - Practice speaking English

Lgr 11:
    • Intressen, vardagliga situationer, aktiviteter, händelseförlopp samt relationer och etiska frågor.
    • Levnadsvillkor, traditioner, sociala relationer och kulturella företeelser i olika sammanhang och områden där engelska används.
    • Samtal och diskussioner samt argumentation.
    • Språkliga strategier för att förstå och göra sig förstådd när språket inte räcker till, till exempel omformuleringar, frågor och förklaringar.
    • Språkliga strategier för att bidra till och aktivt medverka i samtal genom att ta initiativ till interaktion, ge bekräftelse, ställa följdfrågor, ta initiativ till nya frågeställningar och ämnesområden samt för att avsluta samtalet
  • Group 1 , 2 and 3
  • 1 Jasmine, Fanny, Ludvig

    2 Elin, Alexandra, Wilma

    3- Emma, Emilia, Melinda

  • What happens to Dolly and why? Why weren't Buck's feet prepared to work long hours? How did François help Buck? What started the last fight between Buck and Spitz? Why does Buck want Spitz's harness? In this chapter the dogs were sold. What is their new job? Dave knows he is very sick. So why does he want to stay in his harness? What happens to Dave behind the tree?

  • Group 4,5 and 6

4 - Lucas, Oliver J, Isabelle,Veljko

5 - Sofie, Emma L, Viktor, Fredrik

6 - Oliver O, Albin, Malte 

  • Why do Charles, Mercedes and Hal fight every day? Inför chapter 6 Buck has a friend now - John Thornton. Will Buck's new life be easy? What do you think? What were Nig and Skeet like? Describe them. Hans and Pete were a bit worried that Buck's love towards Thornton would cause problem. What were they worried might happen? In the book it is described how Buck does wonderful things for Thornton. What things does he do? Describe the first meeting between Buck and the wolf! Why did Buck start following the moose? What had happened when Buck came back to the camp?

Good Luck!

  • Sara

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