söndag 2 februari 2014

Engelska 7A

Remember to hand in the answers to the questions from chapter 1 and 2  before Wednesday. 

1.  Take a look at this map: Buck's journey
 - Where are we now? What do you think will happen to Buck? 

 On Wednesday the 5th of February are we first of all going to discuss the questions from chapter 1 and 2 then are we going to work in  your groups: 

1 Jasmine, Fanny, Ludvig

2 Elin, Alexandra, Wilma

3- Emma, Emilia, Melinda

4 - Lucas, Oliver J, Isabelle,Veljko

5 - Sofie, Emma L, Viktor

6 - Oliver O, Albin, Philip, Malte

Discuss these questions:

1. What did Buck learn from seeing Curly so swiftly killed?
2. What did "ho" and "mush" mean?
3. Identify Spitz. What kind of dog is he?
4. How did the dogs sleep at night?
5. How did Perrault honor Buck?
6. How has Buck changed in Part II as compared to the way he was at the beginning of the story 
 in Part I?
7. What did the dog-driver do for Buck?

We will continue listening to chapter 3. 

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