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Speech - I have a dream...


I will now present the whole theme that we are going to work with during the next few weeks. Don't worry - I will give you instructions while we are working as well.

You work together in your groups with: 

1. The magic of three

 Watch the film about the Magic of three:


2. How to write a speech
 Now watch the film I have made for you. The key words to remember are: A FOREST, TONE, BODY LANGUAGE

 3. Martin Luther King - I have a dream
 Watch the Martin Luther King speech again. Use text below and try to identify:
:  -Alliteration (Hard word - you find help here.)
 - Facts
 - Opinions
 - Rhethorical questions, repetition
 - Emotional language
 - Statistics 
-  The rule (magic) of three

Work together and show me the result.


If you need the text you find it here.

Number 4 is what I will take a closer look at. The way you write and speak and what strategies you use while doing it are important. Do you use a varied language? What kind of vocabulary do you use? Do you follow the instructions from A FOREST? 
You write the speech on your own. 

4. Write your own speech
Now use the techniques you have learnt and write your own speech. If you want you can use the text below to help you, but you don't have to. Feel free to write your own 
"I have dream" speech as long as you use the techniques. 

As always- write in Google Drive and share it with me:sarasv74@gmail.com

•I have a dream that one day this nation will...
•I have a dream that one day...
•I have a dream that...
I have a dream today.
•I have a dream that one day...
I have a dream today.
•I have a dream that one day...
•This is my hope and faith. With this faith we
will be able to...

•This will be the day when...

5. Checklist
When you have finished writing - give the speech to a friend. I want the friend to use the model A FOREST as a checklist. Have you followed the instructions? I also want your friend to take a look at your language. Is there anything that needs to be improved?

6. The presentation
You can choose if you want to present your speech in front of the whole class or if you want a friend to film your speech and show it instead. It is up to you. Please let me know in advance.
It is ok to use the iPad or your smartphone with iMovie if you want to spice up your speech! 

For those of you who feel that you need more help writing a speech - take a look at this page: Speech

Good Luck! 

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