onsdag 2 april 2014


Today are you going to work in pairs and tell each other about Roald Dahl.

We will also work with this Venn diagram.

1. In the left circle you write down words that describe Cinderella as we know the story.
2. In the right circle you write down words that describe Cinderella in Roald Dahl's story.
3. In the middle you write down words that describe what are the same in the two stories.

4. Work in pairs and help each other to fill in the missing words in the text. You will get the text when we see each other. 

5. Roald Dahl kept all sorts of notes and lists to help him when he wrote his stories.
Words that have the same or very similar meanings are called synonyms.
At the beginning of his career as a writer, Roald Dahl collected lists of words in 
an old school notebook. “When you’re describing something or someone,” he said, 
“you can’t just choose dull words like beautiful, pretty or nice. You must search for 
more meaty and imaginative words.”

Here is a list of words Roald Dahl collected under the heading   Beautiful 

 Now, make a list of all the words you can think of that mean the same as:

BIG     RICH           FUNNY

Use a word-list or your smartphone. The pair that have most correct words in the list will win a fine price! 


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