onsdag 2 april 2014

The Great Satan - reading comprehension

Now when you have read the text " The Great Satan" I want you to choose two questions to answer before Wednesday. The rest we will work with together in class.
 Answer the questions by writing it as a comment in http://thecolourofthehumanheart.se/ Write the number of the question in the comment 
If you can't make it work on-line - you can hand it in when the lesson starts on Wednesday. 

1. Why did Asma's family move away from their old neighbourhood?
2. Why does Asma describe her sister as a "superwoman"?
3. Why is Asma's father critical of the teaching of religion in her school?
4. Why, according to Asma´s parents, does Razia not phone home?
5. Describe the relationship to the neighbours and how it develops
6. How does the other pupils react after Asma stands up and speaks out in class?
7. What has Razia really been doing?

To develop your reading you need to practise "reading between the lines". 

Work in pairs and write the answers together.  I want you to motivate your opinions.
For example:
We think that...... because ...
We belive that...

1. Asma seems to become different after her father is attacked by their neighbours. In what way does she change?

2. Why does the head teacher speak to Asma? What reason does she give?
Can you perhaps see any other reasons?

3. Why do you think Asma lies about her sister?


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