lördag 17 maj 2014

English 8C - Wordle.net

For Wednesday I want you to finish chapter one of the book we are reading - The Outsiders.

On Wednesday we are going to make poems or phosters that describe what happens in the first chapter. We do this when we see each other.

1. I want you to think of which words that you think best describe the first chapter.
Pick 15 words from the first chapter and try Wordle on the computer.

I tried it:

Wordle: The Outsiders

If you rather use the iPad you can try an app called PHOSTERS.
In this app you can create a new cover of the book with words that you think describe the first chapter.
I tried this app as well and liked it:

I want you to work in groups and I will let you know who you are working with on Wednesday. 
In the groups you choose if you want to work with the computer or iPad. 

2. Make a wordcloud on the computer OR a phoster on the iPad 

3. Show me when you are finished and I will help you publishing it on www.thecolourofthehumanheart.se

If you want to try this at home before Wednesday - feel free to do so! 
Remember to save what you do or publish it on our blog. 

4. When you have finished your word cloud or phoster, please continue reading. 

For Friday, please read 15 pages. On Friday I want you to be able to re-tell the first one and a half chapters. 
We will talk more about this on Wednesday. 


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