tisdag 3 juni 2014

The Outsiders

Our friends from Marocco have made films for us. We will answer their questions today.

Remember to bring your books - The Outsiders.

We will discuss the books and we will also record the discussions. You can use the iPads or your phone it is up to you. Use the app Garageband. When your recordings are done - you are going to make a podcast. I will show you how to do it.

Group 1

Naomi, Victoria, Victor C

Group 2

Johanna, Filip E, Filippa

Group 3

Saga, Emil, Filip P

Group 4

Rasmus, William, Julia

Group 5

Sarah K, Viktor SB, Philip N

Group 6

Mira, Linus

Today we are going to discuss the characters in The Outsiders.

1.Who is who? What kind of persons are they? Describe them.

2. Which of the boys belong to the Greasers? Which belongs to the Socs?
What is the difference

3. Darry characterizes Ponyboy as "lacking common sense". What does that mean? Why does Darry think so? Do you have any examples?  

4. Ponyboy likes to go to movies to escape the reality of his own life. If you were to choose a movie that best gives you the opportunity to escape your own life, what movie would you select and why?

5. When Pony returns to school after Johnny's and Dally's death, he is unable to function at the level he did before. His grades drop, he's clumsy, and nothing is easy for him. Why does this change occur? Is it a permanent change? How do we know?

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