måndag 7 juli 2014

Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik

Hi everyone!
I hope you are having a nice summer!?
We are in Dubrovnik - Croatia now. I just found out that Game of Thrones was made here. A part of it at least...
I have never seen a second or read a single letter of Game of Thrones.
Please convince me why I should...
Perhaps we should work with the book?
In that case you need to motivate why. Perhaps you think the book is crap and you would like to work with another book?
So...try to convince me by writing your arguments here in the blog!

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  1. Linus Gunnarsson7 juli 2014 23:54

    The Game of Thrones is a really good book for those who like to read, especially the fantasy genre. However it is a very long book (700+ pages), and it has a lot of difficult words in it. You'll get a lot of characters that you will love, and a lot of characters that you'll want to see die in a fire. The ones that you love will die one after another, while the ones you hate will grow in numbers and power. To read Game of Thrones you'll need the will to read and an interest in the fantasy genre.
    It's an outstanding book if you fullfill those requirements, but if you don't, you'll sit there wondering why it never ends and thinking the book is crap. The book also has lots of sexual content so keep that in mind.