söndag 24 augusti 2014

Reading Strategies and #dragonenglish

Today are we going to start working with #dragonenglish .
We will start by reading the first chapter of Secrets of the Truth together in class. To improve your reading comprehension skills you need to learn about reading strategies. I have made a short film for you:

I also found a pretty cute film on YouTube where you can listen to a song about the strategies:


When we have finished reading the first chapter I want you to work in your groups. The groups will get different tasks. Please, help each other to find the answers - use the iPads if you want to. Everyone has to know the answers since we use the app Random Name Selector. Remember? !

Group 1

The book is written in American English. How do we know? Please, show at least three examples and differences between British English and American English.

Group 2 

In the text we read about Meridienne's graduation party. What is that?
Please, show at least three examples and differences between the American school system and the Swedish.

Group 3

Meridienne is going to meet her grandparents. Where does she live now? Where do her grandparents live?
In America there are different states. Show the class a map of the states and explain what a state is. Give examples of at least three different states and let us know what the difference between Sweden and America is. Do we have "states" ?


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