onsdag 10 september 2014

Dear Nobody


Finish your reading log:

The reading log is for everybody. It doesn't matter which book you are reading.

1. Write your reading log individually:

Reading log 2. How far have you read? Page:

Choose one or two characters to describe.

Ask yourself these questions: 

1. Who is the character I’m describing?
2. What do I think about his or her personality and why?

Describe what the person means to the novel and how he or she has been acting up until the point you’ve read.

How do those actions make you feel?

Try to describe them as carefully and detailed as possible and give examples from the novel.

Write in Google Drive and share it with me: sarasv74@gmail.com or use your note book.

Dear Nobody

When you have finished reading page 37 please answer the questions below:

Pp. 1-37 
1. Who are the main characters in the novel? 
2. Describe the characteristics of Chris. 
3. Describe the characteristics of Helen.
4. The novel starts off in January? What happens between Helen and Chris in the very beginning of the book? 
5. What is Helen’s passion in life? 
6. What kind of relationship does Chris have towards his parents? 
7. Who is Ruthlyn? 
8. Helen starts to avoid Chris more and more. Why?
9. What kind of woman is Mrs. Garton? Describe her. 
10. Why is the book called Dear Nobody? To whom is Helen referring? 
11. How does Helen feel about the possibility of being pregnant?

The other books

1. Read two chapters. Write a conclusion of what has happened . Write in Swedish.
Choose 20 words you don't know. Make a word-list and learn the words.

Show me what you have written.

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