fredag 27 mars 2015

Wild Futures

Today I got a message from Mr Paul Reynolds from the Wild Futures organization. He is an educator and works with the Wild Futures project. They support projects overseas but they are also working to protect primates and habitats worldwide.
We are able to "visit" the Monkey Sanctuary on April the 28th. The aim of this Skype lesson is:
"This discussion focuses on the effects of keeping primates in captivity, taking a particular focus on the primate pet trade and its welfare and conservation implications. The speaker will sometimes be able to show the students some of the rescued monkeys, who will be in their enclosures, and discuss their individual stories to help students understand the implications of keeping primates." (
So we need to prepare this lesson!
Work in your groups and be able to tell your friends what you have found out.
Group 1 - find out what a Monkey sanctuary actually is. What are they doing? Where in the world can you find Wild Futures?
Group 2- find out what kind of monkeys you can find in the sanctuary. Why are the monkeys there? Tell the other groups about two different monkeys.
Group 3- What does "Adopt a Monkey" mean? How much does it cost?
Group 4- What does "Pet trade" mean? What are Wild Futures doing to stop pet trading?

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