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Precious - study questions

Last time you watched the movie Precious.

You are going to discuss the questions below in pairs.
1. Use the Ipad and record your discussions.
2. Write down words that describe Prescious. What is she like? What kind of person is she?
- What words can you use to describe the whole movie? Use adjectives.
3. Create a word cloud with the words above.  Use Tagxedo to create the word cloud.
I will show you how to do it during the lesson.
4. Save the word cloud and publish it on The colour of the Human Heart blog.

1. Precious is a very powerful film so...

a.What feelings and/or reactions did you have while viewing it?
b.What scenes and images in the film stand out for you?
c.For the images that stand out the most, why do they stand out? How do
they relate to your life?
d.How did the film affect you?
e. What type of person do you believe Precious is?
f.What does Precious mean when she says that she’s “invisible”?

2. Hope
Precious is ultimately a story of hope. Precious has a core of hope, though
she does feel hopeless at times. She goes to the GED program as an
“alternative” to her current situation and puts her faith in her teacher, etc. even
in the face of difficult circumstances.
a.What other elements of hope are found throughout the film?
b.What does Precious still have hope for?
c.How does her optimism change her daily life?
d.How did writing help her to heal?
e.Precious will carry the scars of her parents’abuse for the rest of her life.
Will she be able to find the trust to break this cycle and create a loving and safe
environment for her own family? What do you think?

4. The teacher
Precious’ reading teacher, Blue Rain, takes a serious and consistent interest in
her well-being and success.

a. What role does Ms Rain play in Precious' development? Motivate your opinion.

Think of a teacher who made a difference in your life.

a.What is it that make that teacher so special to you?
b.What key characteristics made this teacher so special to you?

The questions are inspired from the websites in this Pearltrees.com

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