torsdag 7 maj 2015

Famous persons - speaking

First of all write down: 
  1. The first name of your favourite movie star - male or female but of the opposite gender to yourself
  2. Your favourite fruit
  3. A number between 1 - 9
  4. The names of vegetables - if you have written number 4 above - you write the names of 4 vegetables. If you have written 5 - you write 5 and so on
  5. A job you don't like
  6. A favourite job you would like to have
  7. A description of your dream house e.g. by the sea, in the mountains - using adjectives to describe this place
  8. Finally, you describe what country you would really like to live in.
NOW - take a look at what you have written above and create your character: 

1. This is your husband's or wife's first name
2. This is your family name
3. The number you have written indicates the number of children you have
4. The names of the vegetables are actually the names of your children
5. This is your job.
6. This is your husband's or wife's job
7. This describes your family house and tells the listener where it is located
8. This last point tells the listener what country you come from.

The characters are now invited to a big party! 
You are going to meet a lot of famous people. 
You have to introduce yourself to at least 5 people in the room. 

Your task will be to tell the rest of the class, which character you found the most interesting talking to! 

/ Sara 

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