tisdag 19 maj 2015

Rubrics - Fanfiction

Before you start writing I want you to take a look below, since it definitely will improve your writing.

As an introduction, before you start writing, you need to give the reader some information.
Answer the questions and then include both questions and answers in your text.

1. Read the wiki on how to write Fanfiction
2. If you need more inspiration you can take a look here. Harry Potter is suddenly in the Titanic! Cross-over

2. Answer the questions 
The Title:
Characters in the story:
Genre: (Adventure, romance, action..?)
 - Time (When does your story take place?)
-  Location (Where does it take place?)
- Current situation (What happens now?)

Describe the characters:
What do you like/dislike about the character?


3. Watch the films.
4. Start writing!
5. Deadline - the first draft: the 29th of May. 

To help you get your story in a chronological order and to help you creating your character/s you could take another look at the video we worked with when we wrote a personal narrative text:

Good Luck!

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