måndag 10 augusti 2015

Getting to know each other - part 1

Welcome to my English classroom!
In this blog, you will find your instructions so you always will know what to do. You can keep this blog in your favourites and bookmark it so that you easily can find it.  

First of all, I want you to start talking to each other! That's why we are going to play two games.

In front of you, you have a game. Help each other to understand the instructions. Make sure everyone knows what to do. In this classroom, I want you to use the method: C3B4ME.  That means that I want you to use three things before you ask me. Have you used a dictionary? Have you asked a friend?
Have you taken another look at the instructions here in the blog? And so on...
When you all understand what to do - go on and play the games! / Sara

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