fredag 29 januari 2016

How to make a difference - argumentative text

Today and tomorrow  you are going to write an argumentative text.
1. Watch the film again. PERSUADER
2. Here you can read an example of an argumentative text
- In front of you, you  have the argumentative text and the same picture as in the film. You can see the word PERSUADER. 
- Work in your groups and compare the text and the picture. Has the author followed the instructions?
Can you find " the use of three"  emotional language, a rethorical question and so on... Underline what you find.
- Tell the whole class what you have found.
3. Work individually. Create your own mind-map. You need arguments for and against. You can find the arguments we talked about last time below.
4. Start writing your own text. Write individually. I don't want you to use your phones.
5. The text has to be finished at the end of the lesson next Monday.

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