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The Same Stars

Continue reading. On Tuesday, you need to have finished chapter 8. Answer the questions below and hand in your answers when the lesson is finished. 
Next Tuesday (9/2) you will get a writing task. You will get more information about this next week. 

Read chapter 4 
Answer the following questions:
  1. What does the author mean when she writes "...this was truly an alien landscape."(p. 27)?
  2. Why did Asad have to ask Mozafar Khan about what Sarmand looked like?
  3. Come up with at least 5 synonyms of several and alone.

Read chapter 5
Change the underlined words into synonyms:

Khan Ali cooked a meal for us that first night, a delicious stew with some meat in it. I was famished, but I tried not to eat too much. I could see that my host was not wealthy.

Read chapter 6
Write sentences with the following verbs:

Chapter 7
  • How can you write instead of "It was embarrassing to be in class..."? (p.51)
  • Write 5 synonyms for handsome and 5 words for the opposite of handsome.
  • On p. 52 it says "the group had no common language besides Swedish". What does common mean in this sentence? Write a sentence where common has another meaning.

Chapter 8
  • Describe Mustafa and Asghar.
  • Why are Asad and his family not safe?
  • What work does a watchman do?

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