söndag 28 februari 2016

How to make a difference - Eng 7

Remember that you need to re-write your argumentative texts at home? If you are having problems with that please let me know.

Today are we going to listen to the Catalan students talking about their ideas on people in their home city can help refugees. They have created a "Public Poke" . We are going to create our Public pokes that we can use in Sweden.
1. Listen and try to understand what they are talking about. Help each other. Take notes while you are listening.
2. What do you think? How can people in our home city help refugees? Can we help them? Explain how and motivate your opinion. Use the iPad and record your discussions. Show me when you are done and then publish on How to make a difference - the blog.
Phrases to help you:
I think... Jag tror
I believe... Jag tycker
In my point of view... Min åsikt är...
On one hand ... on the other hand...  Å ena sidan .. å andra sidan..
I agree...  jag håller med
I disagree... jag håller inte med

3.  We are going to create a manifesto together with the Catalan students.  If you don't know what a manifesto is you can read about it here: Merriam Webster Dictionary This dictionary is a lot better than Google translate so remember the webpage!
- Listen to the Catalan students discussing their manifesto. Take notes while you are listening.
- What do you think should be right for all humans? Discuss in your groups and record your discussions.  Show me when you are finished and publish on the blog.

/ Sara

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