söndag 14 februari 2016

How to make a difference - feedback

I have read the texts that you wrote last week.  I have taken some sentences from your texts and I want you to discuss them. Try to figure out what is wrong and then improve the sentence.  When you are finished I want you to be able to explain what was wrong and why you changed it.

Those of you who haven't finished writing need to do that first of all.

 Read the sentences together and help each other.
Write the correct sentence in your notebook.

1. The refugee's is equal to us.

2. They has no moneys.

3. The refugges don't can live in sweden.

4. They costs to much mony.

5. If they comes here it is good fore Sweden.

6. The refugees can start new companys and that is good too Sweden.

7.  The refugees not have food or money.

(OBS! Ni har nu fått tillbaka era texter. Till dessa texter är två kunskapskrav knutna. Det ena handlar om hur ni skriver och gör er förstådda på engelska. Det andra handlar om att kunna göra förbättringar av sin text. Ni har fått skriven feedback av mig på era papper. När ni skrivit om er text och rättat den lämnar ni in den igen till mig. Då bedömer jag kunskapskravet att göra förbättringar.
Skriv om texten hemma och på datorn. Om ni inte har tillgång till dator så hör av er till mig så hjälps vi åt att lösa det.  Lämna in er texter senast tisdagen efter sportlovet. )

Part 2 of the lesson

We are going to answer some blog comments from the students in Terrassa.
You also need to come up with a suitable group name and post your suggestion in your shared
Google doc.

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