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The Call of the Wild Chapters 3- 4

Week 15
We will start today by discussing what has happened in the book so far.
You have listened to and read chapter 1 and 2.

In your groups: Everyone needs to take notes since you will need them later.
One of you leads the discussion in your groups and make sure that everyone gets to talk
One of you looks up words you don't understand and takes the notes that you need to hand in
One of you tells the rest of the class what you have talked about (When I tell you to! )
When you have finished talking about the questions hand in one copy of your notes to me.
When you have finished discussing the questions, continue reading chapter 3 together in your groups.

1. How did you feel when Manuel sold Buck to the man in the red sweater? Why?
2. What is Buck’s life like at Judge Miller’s place?
3. What does the man in the red sweater teach Buck? Why was this an important lesson for Buck to learn?
 4. What do François and Perrault expect of their dogs? Why do they admire Buck?
5  Complete these sentences. The answers are all numbers.
 a In 1896 Buck was ………… years old. 
b Buck was a heavy dog. He was ………… pounds. 
c ………… men took Buck from San Francisco to Seattle. 
d Buck had no water for ………… days and ………… nights. 
e Buck attacked the man in the red shirt ………… times. 
f Perrault paid ………… dollars for Buck. 
g Perrault and François took ………… dogs to Alaska. 


We start by playing a word game with the words that were homework for today. 
We will then listen and talk about chapter 4.
You will get time to start working with your homework during the lesson. 

Homework for next Tuesday (19th of April):

Answer the questions below and hand in your answers to me when the lesson starts next Tuesday.  You can write in Google docs and share it with me: sarasv74@gmail.com or write by hand. 

Compare Buck and Spitz. Try to find two similarites and two differences. 

Similarities? Buch and Spitz are both.... 
Differences? Buck is ... than Spitz.
Spitz is....  than Buck. 

Which dog do you like the most? Why?

Words to learn: 

I want you to be able to spell the words: mouth,  upward, silvery, club, in charge, pride, dull, load,
and distance
I want you to be able to explain the meaning of the words in English.
I want you to understand them in Swedish. (I will help you during the lesson)

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