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Feedback - Call of the Wild

Monday and Tuesday week 20
Watch the film  - Call of the Wild

Monday  and Tuesday week 21 

You have written  a book review and now you need to improve your text.
 ( Kunskapskravet för A är: För att förtydliga och variera sin kommunikation kan eleven bearbeta och göra välgrundade förbättringar av egna framställningar.)

Today you are going to work with feedback. You are going work in pairs  ( I decide!)  and give your friends feedback.

Write your comments in the margin.  Remember, only to write constructive feedback and to be a good, helpful friend.

Take a look below:

1.  Does the text follow the instructions? Is it a book review or has the author only summarised the text?  Take a look here How to write a book review
2. Has the author used the specific phrases that you learned?
3. Grammar!
Has the author used is, are and has, have correctly?
Is the text written in the past tense? (Buck lived in... He wanted... )

When you have read the whole text I want you to comment on the text. Use two stars and a wish, which means: Two things that you like about the text and one thing that can be improved.

Here are some phrases to help you:
The phrases below are made by Mia Smith and her pupils year 9  Herrgårdsskolan, Gothenburg)


Variation and vocabulary

 Your language is varied.
 You vary your language well.
 Your vocabulary is very varied.
 Your language felt very much alive.
 You have a varied language and don’t repeat yourself.

 Clarity and coherence 

 Your text has good flow.
 It’s easy to understand your text.
The content of your text was clear with good details.
The content was very clear.
 Your text has a clear line of argument.
 There was a clear line of argument in your text, making it easy to understand.
 Your text is coherent and clear.
 You reason with good arguments to support your point.


 Your writing is well adapted to your theme.
 You adapt your language to different genres.
You adapt your text to the receiver and situation.
 Grammar and spelling Good sentence structure and descriptions.  
You write with good grammar.


Variation and vocabulary 

 You could vary your vocabulary more.
 You could use more difficult words and sentences.
 Try to read more difficult text to learn how to write like that.
 You need to expand your vocabulary.
 Try to make your language come alive more.

 Clarity and coherence

 Your text could have better flow.
 You could develop your reasoning more.
 Try to make your text more coherent.
 Next time you write a text, make sure it has a clear line of argument.
 You can work with clarifying your text.


You could adapt your language more to your theme.
 You can think about adapting your text to the receiver and situation.
You should try to adapt the language to your genre.
You could adapt your language more to the purpose.

 Grammar and spelling
 You can improve the grammar in your text.
 You need to improve the sentence structure.
 There are some spelling mistakes, read through your text once more to find them.
 Think about what tense you use (verbs).

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