söndag 11 september 2016

Matilda Chapter 1-3

Today we will read the first three chapters together.

Before we start reading - discuss the questions below with your neighbour. Take notes since I want you to be able to tell the whole class as well. 

1. Do you remember how old you were when you started reading?
2. What was the first book that you read and what was it about?
3. Do you remember your first day at school, when you were 6-7 years old? What happened and how did you feel?

After reading chapter 1-3 :

Work in pairs and help each other.  This time, I want you to write your answers. At the end of the lesson, we are going to talk about your answers in class.

1. Who is
a  Matilda
b  Mr Wormwood
c  Mrs Phelps

a What can Matilda do at the age of one and a half?
b What can Matilda do at the age of three?
c What can Matilda do at the age of four?
d Why does Mrs Phelps watch Matilda with surprise and excitement?
e Why doesn’t Mr Wormwood want Matilda to read books?

Do you think Mr Wormwood is a good father? Why or why not?

This part is for you, who already have read a book in English and need a challenge. 

1. Go to the library and find a book that you think will challenge you.
2. Read the first 2 chapters.
3. Underline words you don't know and translate them into Swedish. Make a word list.
4. Who is the main character?
5. Describe the person. What is he/she like?
6. Where is the book situated?
7. Describe the environment.
8. What do you think will happen in chapter 3-5

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