tisdag 13 september 2016

Skate Freak Ch 1-3

Chapter 1-3 

Work in your groups. This week is the first name Leader, the second is the word finder and third the character examiner.

Today's task:

1. Download SHOWBIE
2. Join the classroom in Showbie by using the code that you can see on the whiteboard.
3. Discuss the questions below and RECORD your discussions. Remember to say your names in the beginning of the recording.
When you are finished upload your discussion to SHOWBIE. I will show you how to do it.

4. Questions to talk about: 

a. Who is the main- character? Describe him/her. What do you think about him/her and what kind of person is he/she?

b. Where and when is the book situated?
c.. Dorf’s skateboard is very special to him. He says skateboarding makes him “feel in groove, totally chilled and high-wired at the same time” (ch. 1) What does he mean?

d. "If it is worth doing do it. If it's not worth doing, do it anyway" What does Dorf mean by that?

e. Have you ever done anything that you actually didn't dare doing? If you have - why did you do it and what did you do?

Upload your discussions !

5. Read chapter 2-3 aloud together.
6. Decide which roles you will be in charge of on Monday. Start preparing next lesson.
Who will be the leader, who will be the word finder and who will be the character examiner?

Homework for Tuesday the 20th of September:
Read until page 24. Prepare your "role" for next lesson. 
Have a look here: http://bruunsklassrum.blogspot.se/2016/09/book-circle.html 

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