onsdag 28 september 2016

Skate Freak ch 3-5

Skate Freak

Today are we going to talk about the questions below: 
1. Dorf wanted Jasmine to be his friend but worried that “once she realized who I really was, she’d lose interest” (ch. 4). Dorf seems to have little self-confidence. What events have contributed to Dorf feeling low about himself? 

2. Who is SLG? What kind of person is she? Describe her. 
3. What does "stalking" mean? Can you give an example? 
4. Dorf 's mother hasn't called or talked to him for two weeks. How does he feel? Add a quote that shows his feelings. 
5. Who is Hodge? What kind of person is he? Describe him. Do you like or dislike him? Motivate your opinion. 
6. What do you think will happen in chapter 6-7? Why ? Motivate your opinion. 

Then : 

Download this app: 
Then follow the instructions: 
Class Code: Ask me to get your class code. 

and follow the instructions on the screen. Work in your groups and help each other! Speak English all the time.  Make sure that you start on the first task.. I have done something wrong when I created the lesson and I don't know how to fix it :) Just go back to task number 1 and start from there! 

2. The team that first solves the problem will win a nice prize! 

Good Luck! 

/ Sara 

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