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Skate Freak w. 38

Work in your groups:

1. Linus, Elin A, Emil, David

2. Truls, Alexander P N, Alex

3.  Alec, Elin E, Elias He

4. Anton, Benjamin, Therese

5. Elias W, Oliver, Lukas

6.  Sara B, Felicia, Elias Ho

1. Download SHOWBIE
2. One person joins the classroom in Showbie by using the code that you can see on the whiteboard. 
3. Discuss the questions below and RECORD your discussions. Remember to say your names in the beginning of the recording.
When you are finished upload your discussion to SHOWBIE. I will show you how to do it.

Decide who will be the leader, the word finder and the character examiner: 
Read until p. 24. Prepare your different tasks. When you are finished- record your discussions in Showbie and then upload them. 

The leader of the discussion has two main tasks: 
1. Lead the discussion and make everyone get the same space when it comes to talking. Make sure that everyone reports their task, find out whether anyone has any questions to ask about the text (i.e. if he/she has reacted to something, if the person doesn’t understand or finds anything less good) and ask if anyone has anything they want to comment on or add to the discussion. 

2. Make a short summary of the chapter/s that you have read. Choose two scenes from the text and ask questions to each scene for the group to answer and discuss. 

The Word Finder 
Look up and make a list of words that you find different, difficult, important or useful. (At least 20 words) Look them up in a dictionary and write an explanation in English for each word. Use Quizlet to create your word list. Help the group with the hard words. Share the quizlet with your friends. 

The Character ExaminerObserve at least two characters in the chapter. Tell your group about them. Add a quote that supports your experience of him or her. What do you like/dislike about the characters? Describe him/her. 

Talk about: 
Dorf is the new kid in school, and he’s having trouble making friends and fitting in. He misses the town he used to live in. It was much smaller and he knew more people. Being the new kid at school can be very difficult. Š As a group, brainstorm ways to help new students feel welcome in your school or classroom. Write a mindmap to help you. Discuss in English, record your discussions in Showbie and upload it for me to listen to. 


Read chapter 4-5 
Individually answer the questions below and hand in your answers to me. Write in Google docs and share your text with me: sara.bruun@eduhoor.se 

1. Dorf wanted Jasmine to be his friend but worried that “once she realized who I really was, she’d lose interest” (ch. 4). Dorf seems to have little self-confidence. What events have contributed to Dorf feeling low about himself? 

2. Who is SLG? What kind of person is she? Describe her. 
3. What does "stalking" mean? Can you give an example? 
4. Dorf 's mother hasn't called or talked to him for two weeks. How does he feel? Add a quote that shows his feelings. 
5. Who is Hodge? What kind of person is he? Describe him. Do you like or dislike him? Motivate your opinion. 
6. What do you think will happen in chapter 6-7? Why ? Motivate your opinion. 

/ Sara 

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