tisdag 11 oktober 2016

How to write a personal narrative...

  Personal narrative 

The teacher in the film is Adora Svitak. She was only 11 years old when she made this film. Watch her films on Youtube! 

  The picture Personal Narrative is from Scholastic Teachers. Use the picture before you
start writing. It will help you getting your story into a chronological order and to organise your ideas before you start.

Sensory details mean that you need to use words that describe what you see, hear, feel,
smell and taste! Words like this help the reader to get into the story and feel the way the characters feel.

This screen capture was created and uploaded with Grabilla:
Screenshot made with Grabilla 

1. Read the text Giving Life. Use the picture Personal Narrative and try to identify:
- Who is the story about?
- Where and when does it take place?
- Is there a "hook"?
- Is the text in a chronological order? How do you know?
- Can you find any sensory details?
- Can you find any words that describe what she feels like?
- Which is the conclusion?

Good Luck / Sara

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