onsdag 1 februari 2017

The Absolutely True Diary.. chapter 9-11..

Today we are going to meet Ms. Sarver from the Fort Loudoun Association.
This is what will happen:

When the Skype session is finished I want you to: 
1. Individually write down what you liked and disliked about the session. I have created a task in Google Classroom. Open the task and click on skapa then open a Google document and start writing.
2. Write down words that came to your mind during the Skype session. 
3. For today you have finished chapter 9,10 and 11. Choose one powerful passage (about 4-5 sentences) from those chapters that caught your attention, moved you, or made you wonder. 
4. Go to Tagul.com which is a website where you can create word clouds. 
5. Use the words from the Skype session and the words from the book - put them together and create a word cloud. Be creative!  This is how it works: 
 - Click Import words 
- Import the words you have chosen from the Skype session and the book. Click - Visualize.
- The words that you think are the most important, you can make bigger by clicking on size. By clicking on the different headlines you are able to change colour and shapes of the words. Play with the tool! 
6. When you are finished, click Download Image SQ. Insert your word cloud in your Google document and hand it in to me in Google Classroom. 

This is my word cloud! Feel free to be creative! 

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