söndag 23 april 2017

The Devil's Angel

You have now read a few chapters of The Devil's Angel.

1. Choose one or two characters to describe.

Who is the character you are describing?
What do you think about his or her personality and why?
Describe what the person means to the book.
What has the person been doing so far?
How do those actions make you feel?
Try to describe them as carefully and detailed as possible.
Relate what the person has been doing to quotations/give examples from the novel.

You write a quotation like this:

"Nothing scared him. Nothing bothered him". (s. 29)

2. Continue reading.
On Friday you need to have read chapter 8-11.
Write a summary of what has happened and hand it in to me when the lesson starts.
I want you to write at least one A4 page.
What do you think about the book so far? Motivate your opinion.
What do you think will happen in chapter 12-15?

/ Sara

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