måndag 11 december 2017

Christmas story in Scratch

Have you ever tried programming?
Today I want you to try Scratch and create a Christmas Story.

1. Work together in pairs and help each other. First of all, you need to create a mind-map of your story. The story starters below can help you start writing:

 - As Ellen closed her bedroom curtains, she looked out of her bedroom window at the snowman she had built. To her surprise, the snowman smiled and waved at her...

- Santa Claus suddenly opened his eyes. "Oh dear, it is Christmas day today and I have forgotten"...

- I was a normal school day until an elf showed up in our classroom...

- Your own choice!

2. What you need to do:
- Write a script so you know your story.
Where does the story take place?
Who is the main character?
What is the problem?
How is the problem solved?
What happened at the end?

Write maximum one A4 page size 12 and hand in your script in Google Classroom. Remember to include a dialogue, since I want the characters you write about to speak. 

3. Go to https://scratch.mit.edu/ log in and then start creating your story. You will get your account in Google Classroom.
When you create your account I want you to choose English as your language. I want you to record your voice and let your characters speak.

4. Deadline: Tuesday 19th of December. (It is OK to work at home if you want to!)

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