söndag 16 september 2018

Now is the time for running - before reading

We will today start reading the book: Now is the time for running written by Michael Williams.

                                                    (Picture: amazon.com)

1. What do you think the book will be about? Why do you think there is a barbed wire on the cover of the book?

2. Before we start, we will take a closer look at the vocabulary of the first chapter.

3.  The book takes place in Africa, Zimbabwe.  We will take a closer look at the country via Google Earth

3.  We will read the first chapter together and I will help you. 

4. Homework for Thursday (20/9):

Be able to talk to your friends about the questions below:
Find out:

1. 3 things you didn't know about Zimbabwe
2. What is the difference between democracy and dictatorship?
3. Who is Robert Mugabe? What was his role in Zimbabwe?
4. Learn the words we talked about in the Quizlet above. (Spelling and meaning)

/ Sara


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