fredag 5 oktober 2018

The Perks of being.. writing (after part 3)

After reading part 3 

Imagine that you are Charlie, the girl or Dave and that you are 25 years old now. You think back about what happened. Write a blog post where you would like to draw attention to your blog.
- Use a headline that makes people want to read. 
- Describe: what happened, where were you, who were there, how did you feel then and how do you feel now? 
- Give advice: What would you like to tell young people to help them out of situations like the one you were in? 
What could you have done differently? 

What do you think society can do to help young people? 

Write in Google docs, size 12 and minimum 150-200 words. I don't want you to use the internet to look up words and grammar. Use your brain! 

Here you can find tips on how to write a viral blog post:

When you think your text is finished, go through this check-list and take a look at your text again: 

* Capital I ? 
* are the verb forms correct? Past tense? 
* is/are or was/were?
* has/have? 
* paragraphs?
* Does the reader get to know the answers to the questions you find in the instruction? 
* Does the headline draw your attention? Do you think you would have read your own text if you saw it published?

Good Luck!

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