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After reading the whole book The Perks of... - writing

After reading the whole book

You have now finished reading the book The Perks of being a Wallflower
and your task is to write an additional chapter. You are going to write Charlie’s
last letter.
Think about:
  1. How does Charlie start and end every letter?
  2. Are the letters formal or informal?
  3. Does he use a language that is hard for youths to understand? Are there any
special words that he comes back to?
     4. Think about Charlie’s “voice” when he is writing - why does he write these
          letters? What does he want to tell the reader? What is important to him?

When you write your letter follow this instruction:
  1. Choose a specific place and a specific time. Describe the scene and jump straight
into the scene. Example:
I woke up and jumped out of my cosy bed. I investigated the fridge to see if there
were any leftovers from yesterday’s party. I found a half eaten pizza and grabbed it
as I headed towards the shower.

  2. In the first part of the letter, you focus on looking back at something that has
happened to you. Describe something that Charlie sees, hears or feels in the scene
you have chosen. What you are writing needs to describe the feelings of the letter you are writing.

3. In the second part, you focus on what is happening to you now. Focus on something
positive and something that makes Charlie happy and hopeful about his future.

4. Make your character (Charlie) do something in the scene - you can make something up
if you want to. Remember to use a tone in your letter that wakes up the feelings of the reader.
Love, hate, anger, sadness? You choose.

5. Finally, write something about Charlie’s future. Remember to stick to the feeling
you wrote about before.

6. Finish your letter and check if you have followed the instructions above.
7. Grammar:
Are you writing your text in the correct tense?
Check your verb forms.
Have you written I with a capital I?
Is/are, has/have, was/were?
Spelling: Go through your text and check your spelling.
8. Share your text with a friend. I will tell you who your partner will be.
9. Read the text you just got.
  • Go through steps 1-5 above. Has the author followed the instructions?
  • Comment and give suggestions.
  • Do you understand what feeling the author is trying to describe? If not, give
  • examples to improve the text
  • Check the text: grammar and spelling.

9. Send the text back to your partner and hand it into me again.

Good Luck!
/ Sara

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