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Once - week 36

Lesson 1 Monday

What do you think about the quote above? Do you agree or disagree?
Can you think of a memory when you felt really happy?

1. Think about it on your own, for a few minutes
and then talk about your memories in your groups.

You can find the sentences on the picture above in the book we are going to read.
Take a look at the cover of the book: 

What do you think the book will be about?

2. Before we start listening we need to take a look at some words:

Do you know what an orphanage is?
I almost caused a riot - What did he almost do?
Who is the Virgin Mary and The Pope? 
What is a nun?

We are going to listen to the first chapter together in class. 

Together in the group, I want you to discuss and answer the questions below. Help each other!

1. Describe and discuss your first impressions of Felix and Mother Minka.  Choose one other character introduced in the opening chapter. 

 - What do you think they look like?
 - What kind of persons are they?
- Where is Felix and why?
- What kind of person do you think Felix is?
-How old do you think he is?

2.  Why was it so special that Felix found a whole carrot in his soup?

Lesson 2 Tuesday 

On Tuesday, the 2nd of September I will be in Spain and Peter will take care of you.

Before you start reading - take a look at the words that you might need to understand the text:
Once Chapter 2

1. Read chapter 2 and together in class. Peter will guide you.

2. Answer the questions below. Create a Google document and hand in your answers in Google Classroom.

 ‘Once I stayed awake all night, waiting for Mum and Dad to arrive.’ 

1. What does this quote mean to Felix?
2.. What memories and physical evidence does Felix have of his parents?
3.. What beliefs does Felix hold about what will happen?
4. Explain the importance of Felix’s notebook. Identify 4 things this notebook symbolizes.
5. Do you think Felix will ever meet his parents again? Motivate your opinion

If you finish early - continue reading.

Homework for the 9th of September: 

Read chapter 3. 

/ Sara 

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