måndag 31 augusti 2020

Crime - police brutality

A Killing That Shook the World - George Floyd 

1. Have you heard about George Floyd and what happened to him? 

2. Before we start watching the documentary we need to know the meaning of some words:

 Words to know before watching

3. While watching I want you to write down things that you think of: 

*  you would like to know more about, 

* that make you upset

 * that you like or dislike, 

* that you don't understand

4. After watching: 

* discuss your notes with your neighbour. 

* talk to each other and choose three things from your notes that you would like to share 

with the rest of the class

Homework for Thursday:

Choose 15 words from either the Quizlet above or the list below (the words below are from the text we read last time).
Use the model I have shown you and write by hand in your notebook.

thief= tjuv citizen’s arrest = envarsingripande defender= försvarare bag robbery= väskryckning suspect=misstänkt witness= vittne intervention= ingripande incident= händelse snatch= rycka till sig, stjäla perpetrator= gärningsman, förövare plaintiff=målsägande (den som blivit utsatt för ett brott) violence= våld released= utsläppt, friad suspicion= misstanke aggravated theft= grov stöld minor drug offense= ringa narkotikabrott

/ Sara

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