torsdag 3 december 2020

The Bridge Home - the last part

 You have now finished reading the book. 

- Choose two of the quotes below. 

-Then go to ChromeEx and write about one of them. Write about 200 words, size 12. 

- Go to SeeSaw and record yourself, while discussing the other question. You may record the question at home if you want to. Remember to speak freely and do not read from notes. 

“I saw more people that one day than I’d seen our whole lives. But nobody noticed us. We were in plain sight. But we were invisible.” (Ch. 10, p. 41)

  1. Write about a time you have felt invisible. Make connections to one or more passages of the book.

  2. Or write about a time you wish you could be invisible. Make connections to one or more passages of the book.

“Everything else melted away except for the taste, the smell, the feel of the fruit on my tongue… until then, I’d thought it was a sad thing that you were sometimes slower than the rest of us. But that day, I realized that slow can be better than fast. Like magic, you could stretch time out when we needed it, so that a moment felt endless. So the taste of half an orange could last and last.”  (Ch. 11, p. 45)

  1. Write about your favourite food--stretching time out. 

  2. Write about a moment in slow motion (stretch time out). 

  3. Start with the first line: “Everything else melted away except for…” 

“This dream had flitted through my mind before. Voicing it for the first time made my dream feel more solid. But it also made me worry, if by running away, I’d pushed it further out of my reach.” (Ch. 12, p. 48) 

  1. Write about some ways you can make your dreams come true. 

  2. Write about your dreams. 

  3. Write about a time you felt like your dreams were out of reach. 

  4. Make connections to the book.

“He’d called me akka, older sister. He’d made me family.” (Ch. 12, p. 49) Even though they are not related by blood, Viji and Rukku consider Arul and Muttu to be family.
- Do you feel the same way about anyone in your life? Why?
- Make connections to the book.
"Goodness, this book packs a punch. Don’t let the overall size or the short chapter lengths fool you. Venkatraman’s storytelling is absolutely vivid and full of every possible emotion. After reading the author’s notes you realize the personal connection on where she got her real life inspiration and it makes you appreciate the story a thousand times more. It was easy to fall in love with these kids and route for them along the way. I adored their innocence, kindness and self-preservation." (

- Do you agree or disagree with this description of the book? 
- What do you think about the story, the characters, the descriptions? Motivate your opinion. 
- Are there any similarities between you and the characters? Any differences? 

When you have finished speaking and writing about the book perhaps you feel like being creative? 

Create a symbol that would represent one of the characters.

Create using


Choose words that you have worked with while reading the book.

Or perhaps you feel like playing a game?

Go to , create your free account and start playing games in English.

For each answer you get right, the sponsors of the site send the cash of the equivalent of 5 grains of rice to the World Food Programme.

/ Sara

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