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Goodbye 2020- Welcome 2021!

 Goodbye 2020 - Welcome 2021

A Year Like No Other?

What were people curious about in 2020? Learning still matters!

Let's warm-up and reflect on 2020 by exploring what we searched for in 2020.

Before we start watching. What do you think people searched for and what do you think trended 2020?

Persons, games, things that happened...

Take a minute and think about three things you think trended.

Watch Google — Year in Search 2020: 

What trended in 2020? 

What Should We Remember From 2020?

1. Take a moment to reflect on your personal 2020? Not a perfect year, but will we learn from it? What went well? What could have been better?

2. Explore significant events and stories from one of these resources.

The Year in Pictures (New York Times)

Hopeful Images from 2020 (Atlantic)

- Find a picture from 2020 that affects you. Write down a few sentences about your thoughts. Prepare to tell the rest of the class about it. (Open a Google doc and save your picture and text there)

3. Open the 2020 Year in Review Slide Deck in Google Classroom. Claim a slide by adding your name. Create a visual review of important moments that you will remember from your year 2020 on your slide. Add a picture and describe it. Remember that everyone in the class is able to see all the pictures that are uploaded. So be nice...

(If you have pictures on your phone - the easiest way is to use Google Keep. Upload a pic from your phone and then you can see the picture in Google Keep on the computer. Make a screenshot and upload your pic in the Slide deck above)

(If you are a teacher and visit this blog - please make your own copy of the slide deck before using it with your students)

Who Do You Want to Be for 2021?

1. Open your own Google document and brainstorm who you want to be in 2021. What are your goals and aspirations?

2. Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, many people choose one word to guide them each year. Based on your goals and aspirations, what is your one word for 2021? 

3. Create one avatar or meme that represents who you want to be or represents a feeling that you would like to have during 2021.

Use one of the resources here:

Disney yourself

Avatar maker

Meme generator

Meme generator 2


If you want to - perhaps you feel like making a funny meme too! We all like to laugh, right?

4. Share your avatar in this Padlet and explain how your image is connected to your one word. 

(If you are a teacher and visit this blog - please make your own copy before using it with your students)

Inspired by: Remixed by @WickedEdTech from  HyperDocs 5 E HyperDoc Template created by @tsgivets     

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