söndag 28 februari 2021

Fairy tales - Revolting Rhymes

Fairy Tales 

Revolting Rhymes are written by Roald Dahl. Do you remember that he also wrote the book, Matilda, which we read? 

- What do you think about this version of Cinderella? 

In Jamboard, which you will find in the Google Meet chat, go to the fourth symbol and click on it. A post-it note will show up. On that note answer the questions: 

- Write two things that are special about a fairy tale.

- Do you know any fairy tales? 

- Which fairy tale is your favourite and why?

Let's watch the real story! 

While watching:

- Where does the story take place?

- Which characters can you identify? Which characters are good and which are evil? 

Do you know what a Venn diagram is? 
You can see one in the picture below. It is a diagram that helps you compare things. 
In the Google Meet chat, you will find a Jamboard with the diagram. 
I will put you into groups, in Breakout rooms and give you one diagram each. 

- Compare the two Cinderella stories. 
Which differences can you see? 
Which similarities can you see? 
During class, I will show you how to do it in Jamboard. 

Finally, we will talk about which differences and similarities you have found. 

/ Sara 

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