onsdag 10 mars 2021

Fairy tales - group feedback + Rebel girls' podcast

 Today you will work in breakout rooms and help each other improve your fairy tales. 

Two groups will now form one bigger group. I will fix the groups when we meet. 

1. Change fairy tales. Read the fairy tales out loud. 

2. Discuss and give feedback. What can be improved? 


- Can you identify the hero or heroine? Is the hero or heroine described in detail? 

- Can you identify the villain? Is the villain described in detail? 

- Has the author/s added something magical? What kind? 

- Does the story take place in a cool setting? Is the setting described in detail? 

- Is there a red line from the beginning to the middle until the end? 

- Does the story begin and end in a way that is typical for a fairy tale? 

- Does the story have paragraph divisions? 

- Go through your stories and check them for grammar and spelling mistakes. 

You may upload it here  www.grammarly.com . The program will help you check your stories. 

3. Hand in your new versions in Classroom. 

4. Once upon a time there was a girl named Michelle... 

Rebel Girls Podcast: Michelle Obama  

 - Listen to the story about Michelle. After listening I would like you to write a conclusion of the podcast in your strongest language. (English?, Swedish?, Dari?, Arabic? Bosnian?) Write at least 15 sentences. What was the podcast about? Did you like it? Dislike it? Why is Michelle Obama a "rebel girl"? 

/ Sara 

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