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Freedom Writers Diary

Freedom Writers Diary 

Pre-reading activities 

Monday Nov 14

For the next few weeks, we will be working with Freedom Writers Diary. We will read extracts from the book and also listen to episodes of the Freedom Writers podcast. 

Before you start reading you need to understand a few concepts, where some places and who some persons are. Otherwise, it will be hard to understand the book and pod. 

1. Below you can see a blank map of the different states in the US.

Do you know where to find the cities: Washington D.C, New York, Chicago, Phoenix, Miami, Houston, San Fransico, Los Angeles and San Diego? 

1. Without using Google - put an X on the map where you think the cities are.
2. Turn to your neighbour and compare your maps. 

The American dream. Have you heard about the expression before?
What do you think it means?

1. Individually - write down your thoughts
2. Turn to a neighbor - discuss the expression 
3. In class - tell the rest of the class what you think about the American Dream. Does it really exist?  
4. The places and persons below are all taken from the book we will read. They are important to know about so you will be able to understand the book. 
You will get one name/place/concept each: 

Find out more about: 
- Where is it? Where is the place situated? Why is it a well-known place? 
- Who is it? Why is it important to know this person? 
- What happened? Why is it important to know what happened? 

After about 15 minutes you will individually present the name/place/event you got. One student is presenting and the rest of you take notes. 

Just say a few sentences so everyone gets a brief understanding. 
Long Beach is a ... and is situated in... . Long beach is most known for... 

Long Beach
Rodney King
Durango street
Newport Beach
Elisabeth Mann
Renée Firestone
Gloria Ungar
Miep Gies
Rosa Parks
Rosetta Stone
Matthew Shepard
Snoop Dogg
Freedom Riders
Ku Klux klan
Jim Zwerg
Abraham Lincoln
Dr Mengele
Wilson High School
Living in the projects
Proposition 187
The American Dream
Mongomery bus boycott
Martin Luther King Jr
1992 Los Angeles Riots
Fredrick Douglass
Emmet Till
The American Civil War
Free states and slave states - Pre-Civil War

5. Freedom Writers Podcast 

Episode 51 #BlackLivesmatters (you can listen on your Chromebook and you don't need a Spotify account to listen)

In class we will listen to parts of an episode where Erin Gruwell has a conversation with two original Freedom Writers. 
While listening I would like that you take notes by hand. 
I will show you how to do it. 
Taking notes while listening is good for learning! Use the method in other subjects as well. 

6. Homework for Wednesday November 16: 
Choose one of the episodes and listen to about 20 minutes of it. Feel free to listen to the whole episode if you enjoy it, but you don't have to. 
- Take notes during the first 10 minutes
- The next ten minutes just listen.  

Dear Freedom Writer. Samuel, or “Sam” as Erin affectionately refers to him is a trans man. Sam candidly discusses what it was like to grow up feeling out of place in his own body, and how he ultimately found the strength to live his truth. Sam's courage and authenticity are truly inspiring, and we hope this episode will leave you feeling enlightened and empowered to make a difference.

In the midst of widespread protests and civil unrest following the tragic murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the hands of four now-charged police officers, Freedom Writers felt compelled to rally together for a "town hall" style live broadcast we're calling "Healing from Hurting."

On this episode, Erin speaks with educator and anti-racism advocate Jane Elliott about her seminal “Blue Eye / Brown Eye” exercise with her third grade students in Riceville, Iowa. Jane discusses how the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr inspired her to educate her students about the effects of racism and how she has made it her life’s mission to encourage others to see only one race - the human race.

Wednesday Nov 16

1. In your pairs, tell each other about the episode you listened to. 
What was the episode about? 
What did you like? 
What did you dislike? 
Would like to recommend the episode? Why/ Why not? 

2. Reading 
Sara will read the first extract to you and you follow in the text while listening. 
Underline words you don't understand and after reading we take a closer look at these words. 

3. Make a copy of the reading log and take notes in the reading log after each chapter: 

4. In your pairs, read the next chapter aloud and help each other understand it. 
Underline and look up words you don't understand. 
When you have finished reading help each other with the the reading log. 

/ Sara 

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