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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secret of the Universe

 Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secret of the Universe 

Lesson 1 

In the next few weeks will read a book named Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secret of the Universe. 

The author is Benjamin Alire Sáenz a Hispanic author of poetry and prose for adults and teens. He was born at Old Picacho, New Mexico, the fourth of seven children, and was raised on a small farm near Mesilla, New Mexico. He lives and works in El Paso, Texas.

Have you heard La Bamba with Richie Valens before?

Do you know what Hispanic means?

Do you know where in the world we find El Paso and Texas?

Have you heard about Aristotle?

1. Today I will read to you, but I don't know how far we will come.

While you listen to me I would like you to have a pen in your hand and write down words you don't know or find hard to spell. I don't want you to use the computer.

Together in class we will then collect words in Padlet and talk about their meaning.

2. Homework for Wednesday is to write a few sentences in the reading log and read til page 40. You can find a copy of your reading log in Classroom.

9a you have time to read during "homework -class" on Thursday and 9B on Friday.

3. On Wednesday you will get a short test where I would like you to answer the questions:

- Which characters do we encounter at the beginning of the book? Give examples of who they are ie: Mrs Q is Ari's mum... etc...

- Describe Ari. What kind of person do you think he is?

- How does Ari meet Dante?

Lesson 2 Wednesday You got a short test with 5 questions then Sara read pages 40 - 58 and you listened.

We gathered more words and discussed their meaning.

Lesson 3 Monday

1. Those of you who were absent last time will take the short test in Trelson.

2. While they are taking the test I would like the rest of you to try to beat me in Quizziz! The link will take you to a quiz about the first part of the book:

Quizziz - Ari and Dante Sign in with the code:
3690 6715 and write your real first name. Start the game! You need to be correct and quick to beat me! You can take the quiz twice if you want to.

2. Vocabulary.

- Go to Quizlet: Ari and Dante part 1 and rehearse the words, by using Flashcards. In Classroom, you can see how many words you knew when you took the test last time. Study at least 10 words more deeply and write them down in your notebook or in the document attached called "Word knowledge". Use the model for learning new words that you find below.

If you don't understand the Swedish words use Lexin to look up their meaning in the language that you understand the best. There are many different languages to choose from:

In Classroom you will find your own copy or you can click on the link here and make your own copy: Word knowledge .

3.  Page 1- 58. Questions to answer about what happened in the book. 

Go to Trelson and answer the questions there. Use your book if you need to look up the answers. 

* Do you think Ari has a close relationship with his parents? Motivate your opinion.  

How does his relationship with his mother differ from his relationship with his father?  

Where is  Ari’s older brother Bernardo, and what does Ari think about not seeing his older brother? 

* Why is  Ari’s father silent and how does he manage to deal with his emotional problems?  How does his wife gloss over his emotional distance? 

Describe the different ways in which Dante and Ari handle the boys with the BB guns and the death of the bird? What would you have done in the same situation? 

4. For Wednesday read until page 99. 

Questions to think about for the book test on Wednesday: 

(You just have to write a few sentences per question. 5-6 sentences will be fine.)

What kind of dreams does Ari have when he’s sick? What do you think these dreams mean? 

How does Ari getting the flu change his relationship with his father? What does his father realize? 

What sketch does Dante leave for Ari? How does it represent Ari? How does that make Ari feel? 

Lesson 5 Wednesday, January 25

1. Discussion! 

- Let's make a mind map of the characters and talk about what you think about them. 

First, think on your own and then discuss with your neighbour. Use your notebook and write down your thoughts. Then you will come to the whiteboard and help each other build the mind map. 

- Describe the main-characters - Ari and Dante. What kind of persons are they? 

What are the similar

- Which of the characters do you like the most and why? Is there anyone you dislike? 

(Does anyone know why I write anyone and not someone?) 

- Would you like to hang out with Ari or Dante or both? Why? 

2. Reading! 

- Together we will read and talk about pages 99- 120. 

- What would you have done if you were Ari? 

3. Book test! 

- Go to Trelson and choose three of the questions to write about. 

For next Wednesday, February 1, read til page 154. 

Lesson 6 Monday, January 30 

- Today we will work with the questions above that we didn't do last time since you wanted me to read instead. 

- Read individually. (p. 154 til Wednesday) 

Lesson 7, Wednesday, February 1 


I have taken a few examples from the answers you wrote last time. We will take a closer look at how to improve your answers. 

1. Work together in pairs and try to fix the sentences. 

Improve your grammar and spelling

2. We will take a look at the sentences in class and I will help you correct the sentences. 


- What happened in the chapters you just read? 

- Work together in pairs and help each other make a mind map of what happened. 

- What do you think will happen next? 


Individually - practice and learn both spelling and the meaning of the words below: 

Vocab - part 3 

Homework for next Wednesday is to learn the words (both spelling and meaning) from part 3 and read til page: 194 

Lesson 8 Monday, February 5

Last time I realised that you need to learn how to use the apostrophe and the genitive.  

1. Go to Agendaweb and finish exercises: 1,2,4, 5, Apostrophes 2 and 3. 

2. Reading 

Summarise what has happened in the chapters you just read. Write down a few sentences in a Google document. 

- What happened in the chapters you just read? 

- Work together in pairs and help each other make a mind map of what happened. 

- What do you think will happen next? 

- Go to the whiteboard and contribute to the mind map. What do you remember? 

We help each other to make a mindmap! 

3. If we have time we will play Quizlet live with the words that are homework for Wednesday. (Vocab - part 3)

Lesson 9, Wednesday 14 Feb

1. Questions to talk about. Work in pairs. Use Trelson and record your discussions: 

Do you think Ari is a mess? Do you think he spends too much time alone? Motivate your answer.

Does Ari miss Dante? Motivate your opinion. 

What do you think Ari’s dream about Dante and Ileana means? 

Why do you think Ari wants other people to tell him how they feel, but he doesn’t want to return the favor? What does this say about Ari? His trust in other people?  

* Take turns and tell each other what you like about the book, what you dislike about the book and what you think will happen next in the book. 

How do you think the book will end? 

Lesson 10 

1. Today we will start by playing Quizlet Live. 

Ari and Dante - vocab 

2. Think about the book so far. What do you like? Dislike? Is there something you don't understand? Do you see any patterns or connections? 

Write a few (2-3) sentences in your document. 

3. Continue reading! 

For Wednesday you need to read until page 300. 

On Wednesday (March 1) I won't be in class. You will have a reading comprehension test (former national exam) 

4. On Monday (March 6) we will finish the book and I will read the end to you. 

Lesson 11 Monday, March 6 

The End! 

Today we will finish the book. 

Sara will read the last pages and you just relax and listen! 

Lesson 12 

1. Finish the reading comprehension (National exam) 

2. Today I would like you to think about the book we have read. 

Think about a scene in the book and look up the scene in the book. 

Use Wordart , and click CREATE. You don't have to sign in. Type the keywords of the scene or just type/copy the sentences of the scene in the field to the right. Customize your word art by clicking on shape, font etc to the left: create your own word art. You can also add your own words if you want to. Feel free to be creative. (Not too creative, though!)

Take a screenshot of your word and hand it in to me in Classroom. 

Here is my piece of art: 

Lesson 13
Your word art is beautiful! Check out my Instagram to see them. One of your pictures is in the author's story! Awesome! 

1. Watch the video below: 

2. Read the text Giving Life together in groups of 2-3 students. 
Share a Google doc and help each other and take notes: 
- What is the story about?
- Where and when does it take place?
- Is there a "hook"?
- Is the text in chronological order? How do you know?
- Can you find any sensory details? Give examples. 
- Can you find any words that describe what she feels like? Give examples. 
- What is the conclusion?
- How can this text be improved? Give examples.  

3. Write together and help each other out. 
- Choose a scene in the book. You are a friend of either Ari or Dante and you need to put yourself in the book. 
What do you say? What do you see? What do you feel? Where are you? 

4. Write about 100 words then change texts with another group. (I will help you) 
- Be a critical friend and check:
* Has the author answered the questions above? 
* Can you find sensory details? 
* Are there words that describe feelings? 
* Do the authors show and not just tell? 
* Do all sentences, people and places begin with a capital letter?
* Do all sentences end with correct punctuation? (. , ? !)  Help: Punctuation 
*  Has the author written I with a capital I?
* Are there varied sentence lengths?
* Has the author remembered paragraph division?  Help: Paragraphs
* Are there colourful and describing words?
* Is the text interesting and worth reading - if not - what can be improved?
* Are the verb forms correctly written? Help: Verb
 * Did you check the text for spelling mistakes? 


5. Hand in your document to me. Write all your names and use different colors so I can see who has written what. If you are not finished when the lesson is done you have to finish at home. 
6. On Monday you will write your own text in Trelson and it will be a personal narrative. 
You will get what to write about on Monday and you may bring your book. 

Final writing assignment 

1. You will write in Trelson and it will be like a rehearsal before the national exams that you will write on the 21st of April.  

2. Choose one of the assignments below and write a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 700 words. When you have finished your text - use text-to-speech and listen to your text to proofread it before you hand it in. 

  • Choose a scene from the book that made a great impact on you. Put yourself in that scene and pretend that you are in the book. Re-write the scene from your perspective. "I saw Ari and Dante in the truck and I thought..." Describe where you are, what you are doing, who you are with and what happens. Remember to show and not tell! Change things in the scene if you want to! You are the author and may decide what happens. 
  • Write the first chapter of book number 2 from Dante's or Ari's perspective. Describe where you are, what you are doing, who you are with, and what happens. What do they feel? Does Ari now understand that he loves Dante? What do their parents think about it? Will they now be together and show their love in public? Or.. You decide!  Remember to show and not tell! 

3. Activate text-to-speech, listen to your text to check spelling and grammar. 

* Did you use sensory details? 
* Did you use words that describe feelings? 
Do all sentences, people, and places begin with capital letters?
* Do all sentences end with correct punctuation? (. , ? !)  
* Did you write I with a capital I?
* Did you vary your sentence lengths?
* Did you remember to use paragraph division (styckeindelning) 
* Is the text interesting and worth reading - if not - what can be improved?
* Are the verb forms correctly written? 
* Did you check the text for spelling mistakes

Good Luck! 

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