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How to write an argumentative text in English

How to write an argumentative text in English 

1. First we will take a look at "linking words": 

Quizlet - Linking Words

2. You will work together in groups and help each other. Discuss the questions below and take notes. 

Here you can find an example of an argumentative text that a pupil year 7 has written: Refugees welcome?

- Does the headline draw your attention?
- Do you understand why the author has written this text? 
- What is the author's point of view? 
- What arguments for and against his/her point of view are you able to find?
- Can you find any linking words? Where and how has the author used them? 
- Can you find any words that express the author's feelings about the subject?
- How can the text be improved? 

3. In pairs! 
Chose a topic below and write a text together. Follow the guide in the picture and write a short text. Just one argument and counter-argument will be enough. This is just to practice. 
When you write a "real" easy 3 arguments and counter-arguments are recommended.

Essay topics:

Mobiles phones should be banned in schools for both students and teachers
All students should wear uniforms in school. 
The school must start two hours later because students are very tired 
Separating boys and girls help them perform better in school 
Parents must limit how much time their children spend on tech devices - two hours per day is enough
Mobile phones should be banned during the whole school day 
Grades are not necessary - children study anyway
Homework should be forbidden 
Schools should offer cash bonuses for good test scores

Use the picture to help you, but don't answer the questions one by one.


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