söndag 5 januari 2014

Stand up for your rights!

Welcome back!

I hope you are ready for a new project? Before you move on I want you to spend a minute or two thinking of a person who fights for something. Is it a famous person? Is it your grandfather? Is it your cousin or perhaps your teacher? It doesn't matter who it is - the important thing is what that person means to you and what he or she is fighting for.

Write a blog comment  and motivate why you have chosen him or her. One or two sentences are enough.


We will start working with one of the greatest men in the world. He passed away just a while ago. Can you guess who it is?
Watch the video below. While you are watching I want you to turn everything else off. No music, no games. Just watch and listen. If you don't understand - pause - rewind and listen again. Look up words you don't understand. Ok?

One man - One vote. Important words to think of. Especially this year.
We will discuss why in class. We will also talk about these questions:



You don't have to work with the questions in advance.

During the project are we going to work in groups. You are going to give each other feed back. I also want you to help and support each other. Here are the groups:

See you on Wednesday!


5 kommentarer:

  1. Bofur from the Hobbit, becuse he is my favorite character. He fights for taking back the lonley mountain, the home of the dwarfs, from a dragon. It's my favorite movie. /viktor c

  2. The guy is someone who fighted for the black people.
    He gave the black people freedom , to be free men.
    He also got in prison for his work. He sat in prison for 27 years.
    Still he did all he could to give the black people what they deserved. //William R

  3. I've choose my handball team. We are always fighting for each other and always have fun. What we fight for is to win and get better.// Julia

  4. I have chosen my aunt Nilla. She is a police officer and she works against criminality among kids and youths. She means much to me because she really wants everyone well and I appreciate what she is doing to make her city safe. (In this case Växjö)/ Mira

  5. Jag väljer min kompis Annika som alltid kämpar för att alla ska få vara med och att ingen ska känna sig utanför.