fredag 24 januari 2014

The Call of the Wild Engelska 7A 27/1

The Call of Wild by Jack London

Before we see each other on Wednesday I want you to watch this film and answer the questions in the blue field:

We are going to read the book and listen to the CD. 

Next week are we going to read and listen to the first and second chapters of the book. 
If there are any words you don't know you need to look them up. Make a wordlist of the words you don't know. 

When you have read chapter one and two I want you to answer the questions below. I want you to write the answers in a Google Drive document and share it with me - Dead-line Friday 31st of January. Mark the document with your name, please. 

1. Where did Buck live until he was four years old?
2. Why did Manuel steal Buck from Mr Miller?
3. How did the fat man make Buck obey him?
4. How do you think Buck felt when he was stolen? 
5. How was Curly killed?
6. How do you think Buck felt when Curly was killed?
7. Why did the dogs sleep in the snow?
8. How did Buck get more food? 
9. How would you feel and what would you have done if you had nothing to eat?

Have a nice weekend!


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