söndag 4 maj 2014

English year 7 Wednesday and Thursday

As you know I am in Stockholm this week, but I am sure that André will do his very best to take care of you. This is what I want you to do during the lessons on Wednesday and Thursday this week.
 - Answer the questions that belongs to Goal 1. I want you to discuss the questions in pairs. Write your answers on a piece of paper and and give it to André when you are finished.
- Watch Goal 2
- Write a summary of the episode. What has happened ?  Write your answers on a piece of paper and and give it to André when you are finished. 

Questions - GOAL 1

1. In Goal we meet the following people. Who are they? What are they doing?

a) Emma

b) Manni

c) Paul

d) Alex

e) Sophie

2. When Manni is walking across the pitch for the first time, what do you think he is thinking of?

3. The first episode is named " I can't believe I am acutally here". Why do you think it is called that?

 4.  Manni is new in the football team. If someone is new in your class/group, what can you do to make
them feel at home? Give two exemples

5. Manni has to move to England to make his dream, as a football player, come true.  How would you feel
if you had to move to another country without your family to make your dreams come true?

Homework for Wednesday the 14th of May:

Goal -Episode 2 - We will discuss these questions in the beginning of the lesson when we meet again on the 14th of May. Make sure you have seen episode 2 before we meet. 

Answer the questions! Write your answers in a Google drive document and share it with me: sarasv74 @gmail.com

a) Why does Emma suggest they celebrate and have a party?

b) Manni is really nervous about going to his first day of training. How did he do?

c) Emma wants to change her career. What would she like to do instead?

d) Who's Lucia?

f) Paul is not being nice to Manni. In what ways?

g) Alex says at the end of the episode ”I am this close to sending you back home” to Manni. Why?

Translate the sentences to Swedish! 

a) He did not arrive on time

b) I can't help you at the moment

c) You have had a really nasty experience

d) Just admit you took it!

e) Who is responsible for this mess?

f) Put a little effort into this!

g) We didn't get the opportunity to ask any questions

h) I'm on duty


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