onsdag 14 maj 2014

Goal - episode 3 English 7A

Today, Wednesday,  we are going to discuss the questions you have worked with. 

Remember ? 

a) Why does Emma suggest they celebrate and have a party? 

b) Manni is really nervous about going to his first day of training. How did he do? 

c) Emma wants to change her career. What would she like to do instead?

d) Who's Lucia?

f) Paul is not being nice to Manni. In what ways?

g) Alex says at the end of the episode ”I am this close to sending you back home” to Manni. Why?

We will then watch episode 3. While you are watching - write down words you don't know. 

Work in pairs and talk about the questions. Please, take notes while you are talking so you later can tell the whole class. l

 1. Have you ever wanted something as much as Manni wants to be a player in London Rangers? 

If you still have a dream- what will you do to make it come true? 

2. Paul is flirting with Lucia, even though he and Emma are dating. 

How would you have reacted if you were in that situation? 

Is it ok to flirt when you already are dating someone

3.  How would you describe the relationship between the different 

players in the team? 

Homework for Wednesday 21st of May. Answer the questions below by writing a comment in this blog. Remember to write your name as well. 

4. What do you think about Goal so far?

-  What do you think will happen to Manni?

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