torsdag 28 augusti 2014

English 9 - #dragonenglish

Today we will form new groups:
A  member from group number 1 will form a group with a member from group 2 and 3.

1. Take turns to tell each other the answers of the questions you got last time.
2. Help each other and answer the questions below:

Reading log 1. How far have you read? Page:______
1a. How does the novel start? Choose one of the alternatives. Does it start with:

• somebody saying something

• a description (of the environment or of a character
• something happening• an explanation of the background to the story
• something else

Copy the first sentence of the book.

1b. Do you think it's a good beginning? Why?

1c. Was it easy or difficult to ”get into” the book?

2 Write a short summary of what has happened so far.

3. How do you like the novel so far? Explain why and motivate your answer.

The last answer I want you to publish as a blog comment in


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