onsdag 27 augusti 2014

English -Dear Nobody

Yesterday we started reading Dear Nobody.
We got to know Chris and Helen.

I am at home with Ellen!

Today I want you to work in your groups:

1. Jasmine, Ludvig, Elin, Alexandra ( You were not here last time. You find the books in the grey box. Read the text together and help each other)

2. Wilma, Emma H, Emilia, Adriana

3. Melinda, Albin, Oliver J, Isabell

4. Malte, Sofie, Emma L, Viktor M

5. Veljko, Oliver O, Lucas, Fredrik

I want you to help each other in the group. Read the text again and try to explain the hard words in the first chapter. When you have finished reading the first chapter please write down the answers of the questions below:

Reading log 1. How far have you read? Page:______

1a. How does the novel start? Choose one of the alternatives. Does it start with:

• somebody saying something
• a description (of the environment or of a character)
• something happening
• an explanation of the background to the story
• something else

Copy the first sentence of the book.

1b. Do you think it's a good beginning? Why?
1c. Was it easy or difficult to ”get into” the book?
2. How do you like the novel so far? Explain why and motivate your answer.
3. Write a short summary of what has happened so far.

Continue reading the book together.


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