onsdag 28 januari 2015

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

On Friday week 5 and on Monday week 6 you will be on your wedding trip.
On Friday, the 6th of February, we are going to discuss the book again. Please remember to bring it!

I want you to read, at least, until page 178 for Friday the 6th of February and finish the book for Friday the 13th of February. 

Friday the 6th of February

Here are some questions for you to find out in advance. You are going to talk to friend about your answers when we see each other in class.

1. What is a reservation?
2. Why where the reservations created?
3. Who are the Spokanes?
4. Where do they live?

On page 12 there is a picture of Junior's parents and what they might have become if anyone had listened to their dreams. Take another look at the picture and discuss:

1. What do you think happened to Junior's parents in real life?
2. Who or what decides the future of a person?
3. What might stop a person from becoming who he/she wants to be?
3. Do you have dreams about your own future?

The following questions are we going to work with together and you don't have to prepare the questions in advance:

1. Junior seems to be a very special person. How would you describe him?
2. Mr P wants Junior to say out loud that he deserves better. This makes Junior cry. Why?
3. Mr P tells Junior he must leave the reservation. Rowdy on the other hand thinks Junior is a traitor
when Junior tells him about his plans. What advice would you give Junior? Is he right to transfer to a school outside Wellpinnit or should he stay on the rez with his people?
4. Junior finds a new friend in Gordy. What do they have in common? Do you think Gordy can replace Rowdy?
5. Gordy claims "life is a constant struggle between being an individual and a member of the community". What does he mean by that? Is this true for Junior? For Gordy? For you?
6. Describe the basketball game between Reardan and Wellpinit. What makes Junior want to play the game?

Remember to finish the book for Friday 13th of February.


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